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As a CNIB Guide Dogs Sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates on the puppies in training. And as small token of our enormous gratitude, we’ll send you a fridge magnet featuring a puppy with purpose.

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Fridge magnet featuring a puppy with purpose.

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It takes two years of hard work for a puppy to become a life-changer. There are five key steps for puppies on their path to becoming a CNIB Guide Dog and your vital monthly support means you’ll be there for them every step of the way.
CNIB's two-year Puppies To Partners process of becoming a guide dog begins before birth, with animals that are bred to have the physical and behavioural traits that make them best for the work.

Your Donations At Work

Once a puppy with purpose is fully trained and graduates, he or she is matched with a Canadian with sight loss, who receives their new partner at no cost, thanks to you.

Your vital monthly support funds the raising and training of our puppies, but it also provides the life-changing gifts of freedom, mobility, independence and safety to Canadians in need.

A yellow golden retriever CNIB Guide Dog.

Thousands of Canadians with sight loss are waiting for a CNIB Guide Dog.

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